Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Post 1975 Year

Remembering My Getaway Room In 1973-1975, Recreation Of My Memory From Old Photographs.

Images of friends, family and me, between 1973-1975, beside doing clay, plaster, sketching, my time spent, was painting the four walls and the ceiling to my Getaway Room. The concept was to enjoy the time listening to all kinds of music, play guitar, jamming  with the company of friends, neighbors and family members, have some parties in the room with Black-light illuminating all the psychedelic colors, completing the sound system with pulsating lights, synchronized with the music. The images created and drawn by me, using fluorescent paints, backgrounds and others, was also painted with the help from my wife. It's  visually taking a psychedelic trip in the room without taking the real stuffs, keeping friends away from trouble and acquiring the real drugs from the street parties at our fun age.







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