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Reflections Of My Past As A Self-Study And Self-Made Interior Designer 1975-1999

The Influence in My Study of Design

The Bauhaus movement have been a great influence on my self-study of design, the modernist Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20 century is the most original and important achievement by uniting art and industrial designing. There were quite a number artists in the faculty that I admired, amomg them were, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, designer Marcel Breuer, architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius.

Bauhaus movement emphasis on practical skills and techniques, fine arts and crafts were introduced with a goal of a problem solving for a modern industrial society. Bauhaus effectively levelled the old hierarchy of the arts, placing crafts on par with fine arts such as sculpture and painting, and paving the way for many of the ideas that have inspired artists in the late 20th century.

The stress on experiment and problem solving at the Bauhaus has proved enormously influential for the approaches to education in the arts. It has led to the 'fine arts' being rethought as the 'visual arts', and art considered less as an adjunct of the humanities, like literature or history, and more as a kind of research science. 
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Self-Study To Become An Interior Designer In The 70s

The above wheel program has guided me in my self study of basic interior designing and enhancing some of the creative designing skills. In 1975, backthen, I had joined an interior design firm as an apprentice getting paid $90 per month, as my highest education level was secondary four passed the Cambridge exam. My passion for the Arts, set the direction and the determination to become an designer. Being paid the lowest salary to be an apprentice, I became a miser saving every bit of my salary, I appreciates my girlfriend (wife) for packing my lunch during my days as an apprentice to the design firm. The opportunity to meet with other designers, draftsmen, contractors, material suppliers, architects and builders, opens up my mindset, gaining knowledge and experience in the field of interior designing. 

I did my own studies on visual aesthetic, basic design, form, shape, texture, proportion, ergonomic, spatial relationship and perspective drawings. I’ve kept my past in one of the 1979 basic sketch book that shows my drawing, sketching, study of basic design, nature, perspective drawing, graphic design, positive and negative forces.

Some Of My Earlier Research And Drawings In My Sketch book

My Favourite Designers And Architects

There are so many great designer in the world, but, the designers and architects that is most influential in my career as an interior design consultant, are, Le Corbusier, Wassily Kandinsky, Marcel Breuer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Eames, Michael Thonet, Gerrit Rietveld, Verner Panton and Eero Aarnio.

The Industrial Designers That Inspired Me, The Important Books That Enhancing My Knowledge In Designing

Raymond Loewy, Sydney J Mead (industrial Designers) Interior Design Illustrated by Francis D.K., Ching Architecture : Form.Space & Order by Francis D.K.Ching, Building Construction Illustrated (second Edition) by Francis D.K. Ching (Author)

Various Medias, Newspaper And Magazine Featuring Many Of My Design Projects

Two decade of interior design consultant and interior designing projects, pioneer of the 3D walk through computer designing in the 1990, my past experience and references are featured in the newspaper, magazine and Television since 1982.

Home & Decor Magazine

April/May 1989, August/September 1989,  October/November 1989, June/July 1990,  April/May 1991,  June/July 1991, August/September 1991,  October/November 1991,  December/January 1992,  February/March 1992,  April/May 1995, June/July 1995,  August/September 1995,  October/November 1995, February/March 1996,  December/January 1996, August/September 1996,  December/January 1997,  February/March 1997.

Living Magazine

September 1986 January 1987

Beautiful Homes

Vol.12 Annual 1987

Home Style Magazine

June/August 1984, March/April 1992

I Q Magazine

February/March 1995

Interior Digest Magazine

Vol.5 No. 23 1987 Vol.5 No.24 1987

New Home Guide Magazine

Vol.4 No.4 October 1984,  Vol.2 No.4 October 1984,  Vol. No.4 October 1985,  Vol. No. October 1985,  Vol. No. October 1985,  Vol.2 No. November 1985,  Vol.4 No. October 1986,  Vol.4 No.4 October 1987,  Vol.5 No.4 December 1988

Decor Guide Magazine

April/June 1982,  January/June 1983,  March/May 1984,  June/August 1984,  October/November 1986, December/January 1987,  October/November 1989

Million Dollar Publication

January/March 1985,  The Straits Times 18th October 1989 Wednesday

Singapore Tattler

June 1984

Lian He Wan Boa

July 5 1994 Tuesday, July 24 1994 Sunday, July 26 1994 Tuesday, June 11 1996, 
June 25 1996,  July 23 1996

ZaoBoa FuKan

30 1996 Saturday

The Newspaper

May 11 Monday 1992

Weekend East Newspaper

September 26 1986 Friday,  March 11 1993 Thursday/Sunday,  June 24 1994 Friday

City Weekly

June 24 1994 Friday

The Sunday Times

October 10 1982,  Sunday April 1984,  Sunday June 1994

The Sunday Monitor

August 26 1984 Sunday,  July 15 1984 Sunday

Asia Magazine

March 20 1988

Television Corporation Of Singapore

September 1995

Drive Magazine PC

January 1997

Berita Harian


Vasantham Central Endrum Inayam Airs

16th July 2003 Wed

Underwater Habitates For National Geographic Channel

The Seabase Episode February - March 2005

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